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Multi-Award-Winning Marketing and Sales Agency

According to Merx, Auditing comes before marketing. Our approach involves a comprehensive examination of data, ensuring a thorough analysis precedes the solution.

Marketing Auditing

According to Merx, Marketing strategy is the cornerstone of every business. Informed by insights and the current business landscape, it facilitates decision-making for future endeavors.

Marketing Strategy & Implementation

  • Over £1.5 Million won for our clients through the development of Marketing Strategy and Digital Marketing campaigns. 

    + £1.5M

  • We help our clients with writing Award entries and presentations. We have helped our customers win 4 awards in prestigious competitions across the business communities in the UK.

    Our director, Daniel, has also been awarded 3 industry awards in 2020 and 2023. 

    7 Awards

  • Merx Marketing Ltd partners with Down Syndrome Albania for the annual sponsored run campaign, raising €32,000 in aid of the charity.

    Merx Marketing partners with the creative agency ''The Sab'' to offer incredibly crafted content to our loyal customers.

According to Merx, whether the campaign duration is brief or spans a 12-month period, a thorough analysis of the data is imperative. Extracting meaningful insights and leveraging this knowledge is essential for making informed and strategic decisions.

Post Marketing Analysis

How many times have you had a marketing proposal start with execution? Instead, we dive deep into your analytics to set data-driven objectives and achievable targets.

We're driven by core values and ethical business. We eat and breath marketing because we're passionate about making a change through marketing.  Our clients are based in the United Kingdom, Albania, Germany and the United States of America.

Why work with us?

Website development is the comprehensive process of designing, coding, and building websites. It includes front-end aspects for user interface and experience, as well as back-end elements for server-side functionality. The aim is to create a functional, visually appealing, and responsive online presence that meets the needs of users and businesses.

Websites Set-Up

Digital strategy is the systematic plan of action that leverages online platforms and technologies to achieve business goals. It involves defining objectives, target audiences, and channels, incorporating data-driven insights. From social media to SEO and beyond, it aligns digital efforts to enhance brand presence, engagement, and overall organizational success.

Digital Strategy

Marketing strategy is a comprehensive plan outlining an organization's approach to promoting and selling products or services. It involves defining target markets, positioning, and utilizing various channels. Effective marketing strategies align with business goals, engage audiences, and adapt to market trends, ultimately driving brand awareness, customer acquisition, and growth.

Marketing Strategy

Personal branding is the deliberate process of shaping and promoting a distinctive identity. It involves showcasing unique qualities, values, and expertise to differentiate oneself. Through consistent messaging and online presence, individuals build credibility, fostering connections and opportunities. It's a strategic investment in creating a memorable and authentic professional image.

Personal Branding and Artist Management

Video production and design encompass the complete lifecycle of creating compelling visual content. From ideation to filming, editing, and integrating design elements, it's a meticulous process aiming to craft videos that resonate. This fusion of creativity and technicality results in engaging narratives, delivering messages effectively and leaving lasting impressions.

Video Production
and Designs

SEO strategy and content writing work in tandem to optimize online visibility. SEO strategy involves keyword research, on-page optimization, and technical enhancements to improve search engine rankings. Content writing aligns with this strategy by creating relevant, high-quality content that not only engages readers but also satisfies search engine algorithms, boosting overall SEO performance.

SEO Strategy & Content Writing


A few words from our clients 

Extremely happy with the website Daniel created. Professional, reliable and good communication throughout, I would highly recommend him.

Arnie De'Milia

OWNER, De'Milia Barbers

Daniel build my company's new website He also run a SEO campaign and trained us on how to interact with customers on the website and how to use several software. He's very knowledgable and has really increased our online enquiries.

Monika Fida

CEO, A-Derma Clinic

Daniel always strives to improve and is extremely driven. He is proactive and creative in initiating projects and pushing them towards completion. He is a leader and motivates people around him, building synergy while working in a team. It is always a pleasure to work with him.

Linda Shomo

CEO, EasyPay

Our Clients

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